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I’m sad *sobs* so many shows I love ended this week:

5. Hunter X Hunter 24:

A Casual Father-Son Chitchat.

Yet what was that tense atmosphere brrrrrrr.. Really, it’s funny how that “fatherly love” Killua was getting creeped me out far more than the whole of Another finale, what an absurd BS that show turned out to be lol.

4. Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou 12 (finale):


Seriously, this show couldn’t have possibly ended in a better way than that! Dammit Nichibros, I even chocked in what I was eating from laughter when both this reveal and my favorite punchline in the finale occurred at the same time *so I bet that will make me remember this awful hilarious experience for while* hahahaha.. kuso just how brilliantly we’ve been trolled.

3. Chihayafuru 25 (finale):

2nd season plz ( ; △ ; )

FINALE.OF.THE.SEASON. so I’m craving more Chihaya so onegaiiiiiii!!!

2. Natsume Yuujinchou Shi 13 (finale):

A Family.

It was hard to pick this one, that finale was just so sweet. Natsume’s old  house was full of heartwarming memories, and I especially adored the drawing Nyanko-sensei  found inside one of the closets. The moment where Natsume asked for a second photo with “Nyangoro” had me go awwwwwww so much, too. But it was this, the first time we ever see a family picture with Natsume smiling in it, that had my eyes soak in tears.. ;-;

1. Inu X Boku SS 12 (finale):

I… L-love.. I Love you….

Yeah I’m serious in choosing this as my first, it could be the thousand time I watch a love confession scene and I still fell for that. Because it was so well excuted, they’re meant for each others and it was so passionate. Really, I loved how even when the annoying cliche of having kids *whoever* disturb the supposedly private moment was introduced, Miketsukami just moved on naturally with the flow. It worked. Man, it clicked. Then to give the romance even more substance, we were given a short time-skip to see how Miketsukami turned into such a sweet emotional-being bringing up the subject of kids so soon awwww.. Hey y’all I was shipping Miketsukami X Ririchiyo all the way haha!  Now that my ship sailed way farther than I ever expected, I couldn’t be more proud. ❤


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I know I will regret not writing about Yahiro going like “FFFF OMG TWEEST IS OH MA SHOE BECOMING NEW JESUS?!!” someday so there at least I said it here haha! Alright, then:

5. Nisemonogatari 11

Something Oshino would never say?

…..”Sayounara”. Yeah, that one line left the biggest impression on me. That also might be what I needed to hear since the end of Bakemonogatari. Actually I loved the whole twist with Kaiki-tachi the most, and his philosophy was really intriguing to think about and analyze. But seeing how the dialogue in monogatari series always tries its hardest to be complicated, I guess simplicity won me over here.

4. Chihayafuru 24

The Chubby Queen.

I.WAS.SHOCK. Also, it was really amusing how seriously Shinobu’s weight-gain was taken in the context of this episode, and I’m sure no one ever saw the whole issue coming haha!

3. Another 11

“desu kara……. KOROSUUUUUUUU!!”

And then hilarity happened lololol. This episode has taken the “JUST WTF LOL” treat to a whole new FFFFFFFF level, and dammit how much I LOVED THAT!!!!!!1!

2. Natsume Yuujinchou Shi 12

“But, I was a kid, too.”

I’m not exactly sure why, but I couldn’t hold my tears when she said that. It might be things I experienced myself in the past, and this felt like the perfect excuse that you could never use back then, and that’s also because it’s too late to admit it when you realize all the horrible deeds you were doing shamelessly. She was jealous as a kid and she regrets it now, but it still hurts when she realizes nothing can undo the past. Wahh I can so relate to that. ='(

1. Inu X Boku SS 11

*sobs* overload of Mekitsukami monologue goodness *sobs*

Oh man, that was exactly what I’ve been wishing for since the first time Miketsukami opened up a bit to Ririchiyo, but I didn’t think we’d be taking it all in one shot! And on top of it that emotional climax at the end. AND ME COMPLETELY SOLD.

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So this turned out to be quite an emotional week, and I’m completely fine with that:

5. Inu X Boku SS 10:

A Loyal Dog?

My god, Miketsukami confirmed for hottest bishie, and it’s not just looks here. Gotta bring looks first though, casual clothes and glasses? Totally felt for Ririchiyo as her view trembled upon examining him haha.. On top of that, he started acting wicked to further mix her emotions, just so that he gets the chance to sweet-talk her as she shifts to full angry tsuntsun mode. Him says: “would I bite the hand that feeds me?” and then hnnnng frank dokidoki alright!

4. Chihayafuru 23:


Yet *awwwwwwwww~* Harada-sensei is all ready to take them for you. Seriously, the dude is amazing don’t you agree? Ah, might as well admit to myself that Harada-sensei was my secret favorite character all along. :’3

3. Mirai Nikki 21:

“We’re the same. I see now. I wanted to be saved too.”

Err I never expected I would cry watching Mirai Nikki, but I admit being vulnerable to unpredicted tears, especially when accompanied by effective BGM along with them, and that’s the exact recipe we got here. I really liked the whole showdown between Minene and Yukiteru, she was a likable character from the beginning and it would’ve been a waste if she was just shot down to death like say, eleventh *lol*, in the same episode. The way her weakness was revealed clenched my heart, but it wasn’t until the moment of her “shocking” memories of her family that I broke in tears when she did.. RIP Minene =”(

2. Nisemonogatari 10:

“You’re looking lively. Did something good happen?”

Yes, a damned plot happened! I was torn choosing between this and Kaiki’s abrupt reappearance *which had me lolololol*, but in the end I figured Araragi’s beastly rage over gigantic finger wiping out his sister’s upper body had a bigger dokidoki impact on me. And it wasn’t just that actually, I was filled with tension since the time Yotsugi kept ringing the doorbell of Araragi’s house to every other warning, threat and reveal uttered by all involved parties, bluff was it or real. I especially loved how Araragi felt weak compared to his “servant” Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade Loli-vampire Oshino-Shinobu, and how she in return also felt weak compared to Yozuru. Hey I see what they did there, cooking up a dazzling antihero as the final villain, and I think it was awesome!

1. Natsume Yuujinchou Shi 11:

A Single Photo…

…is enough to make me cry my feelings out, that’s Natsume for you. I became so attached to Natsume that I can easily relate to him in every emotion he experiences, and I felt troubled since the moment he lost his precious picture of his parents. I also connected to his shyness when he tried to hide the fact that he lost the picture, and then felt relieved when Tanuma caught on that. And last when the picture was found, I became so eager to get a glimpse of his parents like they were my deceased relatives that I never met. As Natsume showed it to us, gasping of what resemblance he has to them,  my emotions swirled to surface and my eyes got soaked with tears. “When I looked at their kind smiles, and thought that I was supposed to be there smiling, too… I couldn’t stop crying.” …so yeah this show, I wanted a hug after that ;_;

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It’s all about laughs *and ice-cream :p* this week:

5. Hunter X Hunter 21:

Pedo face sending chills down my spine..

Molesting Hisoka is nothing new I know, but eh that was still damn creepy! If the look on Hisoka’s face tells us one thing, it would be that we don’t want to ever know what the heck is going on inside his head, except errrrr, maybe fellow pedophiles. Also, I have to feel sorry for kids watching HxH, I mean isn’t this *brrrrrr* a bit too much for them to take?

4. Inu X Boku SS 9:

Game Rules: “speak in a confrontational manner.”

Karuta: “Confrontational?” Watanuki: “Umm, talking badly to each others” Karuta: “ja, Watanuki no.. baka.. if you don’t eat ice-cream with me, kirai” AND THEN KUSOOOO DOKI DOKI SHITERU YO ❤ ❤ ❤

3. Another 9:


“JUST WTF LOL” describes my reaction best as I was watching this. And how else could I possibly react? First I cracked up laughing as lightning stroke the poor kid. And then, even before I had time to recover, clumsy falling-girl delivered ANAZAA blow. And knocked me down.. so yeah “JUST WTF LOL”. Another might have failed horribly as a horror by now, but it certainly doing a good job as a comedy haha!

2. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou 9:

Hidenori sets an example of how a real bro would act like!

First, I’m glad that Nichibros finally shone light on the overused dropkick punchlines *that were never fun to start with pffff* in this episode. And to conclude the skit with an original dropkick scenario that IS ACTUALLY FUN, now that’s brilliant! So about that, no, manly tears, hugs, and hand-holding is not gay.. it’s the bro thing to do lol.

1. Natsume Yuujinchou Shi 10:

Drooling Nyanko-sensei MOEEEEEEEE *nosebleed*

Yeah that’s right, Nyanko-sensei drooling over mighty-looking Youkai as if he was craving the most delicious scoop of ice-cream was the most HHNNNNNNGG-inducing moment I had all week. :3

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Errr oh man what am I doing here? In all fruitless attempts in the past my longest blogging experience lasted one month, ONLY one month.. So what to do if I suddenly got motivated to start aniblogging again yet I know I’m still too lazy to keep up writing posts? Maybe I should start by limiting my activity to one post per week, picking up the laziest day to write that post should help as well. I CAN DO IT! Oh wait, maybe that’s not the issue and it’s just me refusing to put any real effort into writing full posts. Knowing myself, that’s probably it. Eh, so what if I do NOT write posts? Better just drop the idea then.. Or heck, let me try anything that MIGHT work for me. Alright, a weekly post of..of..of….hmmm…. awesomest dokidoki inducing moments I had while watching anime in that particular week? Hey, that kinda sounds interesting! I think I’ll try that, and I don’t need to scratch my head much about what to say if I go with it right? *zomg imagining posts all about silly fangirling yay*

So here is the plan in short, weekly posts to be submitted on Fridays and should cover episodes airing from previous Friday to Thursday (noticed something? it’s only 1st week and I’m already past deadline lol). Each post will consist of favorite 5 moments I experienced in that week, the kind of stuff that let me go “this is why I love animu ffffyeah”. SPOILER ALERT of course. No further explanation needed I guess, so here we go:

5. Mouretsu Pirates 6:

“Who Told You We’re Playing Fair, Dumbass.”

I was just ready to get disappointed that Marika lost her 1st official swordfight as a pirate captain then.. “BANG!” …. Hey that’s dirt- Oh shit what a smart move! Now that I think about it, genuine pirates must have such tricks up their sleeves and it’s part of them being pirates to use them. I mean, just look at that proud pirate expression on Marika’s face! If only that was a real duel and not an act. DEMANDING MORE PIRACY ACTION SHOW IS CALLED MOURETSU PIRATES DAMMIT

4. Chihayafuru 19:

Kanade Going Full Delicate Mode Celebrating Her Victory

Among the three matches we had in this arc, I enjoyed the one between Tsutomu and Kanade the most. I’m kinda surprised by that considering how it’s the lowest ranked match, but interesting enough it also had the most logical tactics haha.. It couldn’t end a better way, I was like “yes she won! err did she fall asleep? no she’s not Chihaya.. oh could it be? Kanade awwww ;_;” and Tsutomu’s reaction to save the situation made this even better! I’m proud of you D-rank members, also congrats on moving on to the next level.

3. Guilty Crown 17:


Gai’s reappearance was the baddest thing happening in Guilty Crown, like, ever! Wait no, I mean his resurrection is sure an asspull but for a noble cause don’t you agree? He greets OH MA SHOE.. Whoosh! *hand flying* FFFFSHIT!! *power absorbed* EHHHH! Then Shu screaming “AAAARGH MY KING’S POWER!..” LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Now Gai honestly you’re 17-episode late in pulling what you did here but no complaints, it’s not your fault that GC writers themselves didn’t seem to ever consider the possibility of transferring power using such a simple method before lulz.

2. Natsume Yuujinchou Shi 7:

Afraid Tanuma Taking Natsume By Surprise..

Oh god this show, I was gonna be satisfied enough if Tanuma just apologized to Natsume for causing him more trouble than helping him and then both of them work the issue out. But no, their relationship became far closer than that and Tanuma suddenly decides to open up and reveal his weaknesses and fears to his friend.. “I’m happy that you trusted me so I don’t want you to regret getting too close to me” awwwww Tanuma ='( Also I’m so happy for you Natsume I know how much you treasure the kind bunch of people you’re surrounded with after all years of suffering alone before..

1. Nisemonogatari 6:

“I Will Help You Lesser Being Just To Fulfill My Tsundere-tic Desire.. Ka Ka”

We had so much Senjougahara goodness in this episode, but it was still the level of goodness you expect from your sweet-tsuntsun-Gahara-san you know. What had me all OMG!EXCITE though was the unexpected badass offer of help to Araragi from loli vampire Shinobu. So effing cool how bluntly she was saying “oh c’mon I can’t go out of character *wink* just order me to help so that I’m forced *wink wink* to obey you *wink* human shit!” OH AND ASDFGHJKL THAT BGM I WANT THAT BGM KUSOOOO

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