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It’s hard to get interested when the plot moves too slow then characters hardly develop. I’m not really a fan of how things are handled in Hourou Musuko, but I got involved already now I have to see how it ends haha. So how do I see it handled? We have a dozen of characters, each with loads of hidden interests and secrets. We know little of it. Only when an interesting situation is created, we see some new revelation that is supposed to surprise the other characters, us, or both. Well, we hardly get surprised when we don’t understand what’s really going on underneath, but let me stop my mini rant for now. Even if it wasn’t that good, this setting kinda worked in this episode.

There is one scene that I enjoyed at the first half before we got back to the same old drama later on. That’s when the group were helping in Saori’s house. First was when Saori Chiba got madly jealous and started scrubbing the kitchen in frustration. Then second when her “boyfriend” came in. He revealed Nitori’s secret like it was nothing so we got to see a lot of faces surprised haha. My biggest surprise though was that Nitori’s himself didn’t mind, he was actually kinda happy that his friends figured this “awkward” stuff about him.

Then we saw the “boyfriend” trying to act cute in the bath! Will someone go that far to attracts whom he likes? I don’t want to imagine that. XP

The rest was like, eh, we know that already. So what.. Oh at least I liked the couple who got randomly chosen to be Romeo and Joliet, I’m thankful it didn’t turn out to be Nitori and Takatsuki. Then there is also this bit where Makoto said to Nitori “You wouldn’t understand..” in a weird situation, wait does that mean he likes him?!

Chizu was my favorite in this episode. Her over-excited nature sure makes up for all the boring reactions we see from others in the series so far. XD


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The more I watch of Hourou Musuko the more I remember that nasty period we had to go through in our lives. I can’t get the weird stuff these middle-schoolers pay too much attention anymore. Teenagers are without doubt the hardest to deal with no matter how much you think you understand them. They’re so.. Unpredictable? I feel sorry for parents facing this “nightmare” now. But since I have no responsibility here, l will have fun trying to pretend I know what I’m talking about! X3

While Chiba Saori might seem the creepiest one with hidden intentions in her mind, I believe she’s the sanest person and most mature in the class. I love her blunt honesty and how she’s not afraid of making enemies out of it. I am also amazed in how she kept her temper when Makoto was pushing by simply telling him “You’re mean” haha. Then comes stupid Shuichi. While he thinks he’s ready to transform into a girl for the boy-wannabe Yoshino to like him, Saori subtly revealed that she already sees him as a girl. Then her wish is for him to transform into a man who loves her. She admitted it when she said that she wrote the twisted version of “Romeo And Joliet” wishing for him to be her Joliet, while he wrote the same piece to be the gender bending Romeo with Yoshino as his Joliet. Confusing right? But nevertheless it’s smart.

If Shuichi and Yoshino shopping while both of them were cross-dressing wasn’t awkward enough, that confession afterward was definitely perplexing. I don’t like these two. Shuichi only has a chance if Saori was able to fix him somehow.

But then again poor Saori seems as lost as the rest of us here. When she was told all about it, the only thing that came to her mind was  to go visit the church and pray for god. I’m sympathizing with her with my heart. I understand how hopeless she can be when she thinks about those messed up people all around.

Want my advice Saori? Look for someone else. The freak-show happening doesn’t suit unless you end up revealing the creepiest secrets of all! XP

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I kissed him yesterdy.. Maybe he caught my cold..” Haha Maho is so innocent and cute. Pre-puberty days are the strange thing here! (I also couldn’t help but laugh at Shuichi’s remark last episode when he noticed how it smelled when the boys were changing XD)

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I sensed a lot of dishonest words. I’m wondering now. If it’s hard to admit the love for someone, then is it easier to express it as hate instead?! (This is also so popular with tsundere characters and it is considered attractive there haha)

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Or confused? Or a bit of each and other stuff?!  In any case here is my tip before attempting to watch Wandering Son. Study the Character Relationship Chart! I never needed something like this more up until now =S

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