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I’m giving a shout like everyone else, Spring 2012 is shaping up to be one of the best seasons for anime! I’m stuck with the biggest watchlist since I started watching anime weekly, and it seems more diverse than ever. So then comes crossing my fingers that we don’t get disappointed halfway, but I’m also pretty optimistic now. Having big list of shows gave me troubles picking up the moments I really wanted to share, and I might have messed up a little and cheated by choosing the stuff that doesn’t require me to think about what to write haha! Oh and I kinda felt like experimenting to tempt more people to skim through these posts, so I added a poll this week just because. :p

As silly as this sounds, let’s dokidoki now:

5. Fate/zero 14:

“Matte, Maiya!…”

I’m surprised at how much I missed that grim tone of Kiritsugu, I can keep listening to the way he says “Maiya!..” for hours without getting bored haha!

4. Mirai Nikki 25:


I dunno how I feel about the way the plot is progressing right now, and I find myself disliking Murmur since she became relevant to it, but all that aside I still immensely enjoyed the fight scene with Ninth! Seeing such fluidity in each movement reminded me of the rare occasions in good old Naruto anime where a special team was called to animate the important battles in a ridiculous “kneading” style, or that’s how I like to imagine how it was haha.. *gotta thank Asread for wasting all their budget on that*

3.  Kuroko no Basuke 1:

“I will be your shadow.”

Because the stronger the light, the darker its shadow. It’s simple, get it? YEP THAT SHOUNEN LOGIC THAT I LOVE. Just keep making sense of stuff that doesn’t make sense and I’ll keep getting hyped for you Kuroko!

2. Sakamichi no Apollon 1:

Feel them drums!!!

Was it the jazz itself? Or was it that dynamic percussion animation that had me drop my jaw in awe? Add to that Sentarou being such a fascinating individual so him on drums brought further flavor of charm, and then I could not resist.

1.  Lupin III: Mine Fujiko to iu Onna 2:

Love Noir

I was torn between the moment in the coffin and the moment with the empty gun. I ended up choosing the scene where Jigen got confused when all the emotions he kept suppressing abruptly slipped through to the surface. I could see everything in the sudden change in his expressions, and my god that was fantastic! Plus the great BGM that was playing, and *ahem* Jigen’s shockingly handsome smile. The ice-breaking moment of suicidal romance couldn’t fit in any better place other than a coffin for the dead, and the way it rolled was just damn perfect!


~Spring Season Current Watchlist~

1. Accel World

2. Eureka Seven AO

3. Fate/zero

4. Hunter X Hunter

5. Jormungand

6. Kuroko no Basuke

7. Lupin III: Mine Fujiko to iu Onna

8. Natsuiro Kiseki

9. Sakamichi no Apollon


11.Uchuu Kyoudai

12.Ozuma *err so tempted to drop this*


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