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Updating status first, I dropped Mouretsu Pirates after last episode. I got tired of sitting through that non-ending buildup waiting for any real piracy to occur, 7 episodes and we still have nothing yet. I came up with a satisfactory conclusion though: LEGAL PIRACY IS BORING. Bad idea. End of story.

So that’s that, back to my dokidoki business then:

5. Nisemonogatari 7:

“I’m not a friend of justice. I’m an enemy of evil.”

Here I am one of those elitist wannabees who actually enjoyed Kaiki’s looooooooong double-talk nonsense about fakes and reals, except I lost any idea I thought I grasped halfway through.. In the end I did not care whether I got anything at all, just as sweet Senjougahara-san stated what would be considered Top Tier Cool no matter what context it was said in: “I’m not a friend of justice. I’m an enemy of evil.” DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

4. Hunter X Hunter 20:

“Apologize to Killua!”

Maybe that wasn’t particularly the strongest moment in this week’s HxH, which was probably Killua vs Illumi fight. We had all the oppressive tension built-up there till it became uncomfortable to watch at one point. But it was Gon who broke the tension, and he proved once again that he’s the toughest when it came to psychological battles. He did so with a single, apparently childish line: “APOLOGIZE TO KILLUA!” AND I DARE ANYONE HAD THE GUTS TO  LAUGH. p.s. It’s also obvious now why Hisoka is having the hots for Gon haha, just look at that kawaii angry expression on his face awww ❤

3. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou 7

“She got me again..”

I admit not being the biggest fan of Nichibros, I don’t even get all the hype for this show. It’s still fun, and I keep watching in anticipation for “that” moment to crack me up every week. Last couple of weeks were not as good as the first episodes so I started to think Danshiko lost its touch, then Literary Girl happened again. She got me again.. Every single line in that skit had me lol, then the series of chain reactions made me burst in laughter ahahahaahaha! And seriously, agreed on saying that there’s no reason to pretend to be cool, let’s show our lame sides right? EXTRA POINTS FOR MORAL VALUES NICHIBROS

2. Chihayafuru 20:


Being the competitive type and all, this came to me as a big twist in Taichi’s character after all hardships he was put through in the previous arcs. And seriously man, Harada-sensei has My Face When Taichi said: “I’m not so much focused on making class A, as I’m focused on becoming someone who doesn’t run away.” HNNNNNGG DAT PRICELESS FACE. Also in related news, did I mention that I’m shipping hopeless Taichi X Chihaya all the way kyaaa~

1. Steins;Gate 25:


OMG whaaaat?! I didn’t know there was a new special coming up this week I felt all the dokidoki rushing the moment I heard about it lol. I MEAN SUDDENLY EXPECTATIONS GOING SKY HIGH AND YEAH MAD SCIENTIST HOUOUIN KYOUMA LIVED UP TO THEM. There is no single moment I can pick, all of this episode was a ride of awesome! It reminded me of every single thing I loved about Steins;Gate, it even had me go back to my score in MAL *in the most fangirl mentality I had* and change it from 9 to 10 haha! Until the movie comes out.. El psy congroo.


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