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So here we have another awesome week of Spring season. Both Goemon’s godly samurai techniques and Mutta’s embarrassing romance bits didn’t make the cut for me to talk about them this week, compared to when I struggled to find stuff to fill my posts with in the past Winter season. Yo keep it up animu!

Oh by the way, a few readers voted in the poll last week and it did the trick of making me believe in the slightest chance that some of you are actually reading my babble haha. Hereby I decided to keep the trend going until who knows when:

5. Hunter X Hunter 27:


I admit that I didn’t take chibi martial artist Zushi seriously before this moment, but then as he was readying himself for this stance I instantly got impressed! Atmosphere felt heavy, Killua became frightened, and I was anticipating what comes next… “ZUSHI!!!” broke that tension. I kinda wish it didn’t, but part of me was glad that it did. *cuz also didn’t want Killua to fall behind Gon again otherwise ugly bloodshed was gonna happen there :p*

4.  Eureka Seven Ao 2:


Alright, I’ll take this opportunity to complain first. So what the heck are all these abbreviations/vocabs in Eureka Seven about? FP? LFO? IFO? SFO? typeZERO? Trapar? Bahh at least now I know what Scub Coral looks like, and that it’s kind of natural explosive I guess. Yes, I’m a total no0b when it comes to mecha so I don’t appreciate it when a show like Eureka Seven/Ao tries to shove all its technobabble down my throat. Anyway all that aside, the battle between what looked to be a Nirvash *I can use this term here right? :p* and  the Secret *Ah, Mugann look-alike* was still brilliant! I think I already prefer Ao over E7 if only for the improved visual feast it offers, so that’s understandable right? Pfff I can’t stand being ignorant anymore that I’m starting to dig E7 for whatever reason now, I guess there’s some homework to be done then.

3. Tsuritama 2:

Akira Agarkar Yamada

I’m fascinated by this show, and among the many weird things that fascinates me about it Indian dude with a goose is alluring on a whole different level! I know that Sugita Tomokazu acting the role has something to do with his charm, but that’s just one of many reasons which makes Agarkar stands out. There is this eccentric charisma he has, which even creeped Haru out. And then the goose.. Also man, Agarkar theme OST when? =(

2. Fate/zero 15:


Budget-burning moment of the week? Seriously, it was all the details in Saber’s water-walk and sword-strike which made this scene as breathtaking as it turned out! It was supposedly the first time we get to see the true worth of Saber’s heroic spirit so it had to make an impact, and yeah ufotable succeeded in making that, even if it was done by the assistance of burnt cash haha! The conversation between Gilgamesh and Iskander was a great follow up/closure as well, it added needed substance to the pretty outer shell afterward.

1. Jormungand 2:

Jonah LULZ

In a supposed-to-be-depressing settings of war, I find myself loving the smirky spirit Jormungand has. That elated anti-climatic moment where Koko orders her men to empty their weapons and surrender felt awkwardly fun! And then she gives another order Engrish-style as if she’s mocking that moment even more, “Minna DASSHU!!” *lolol* I would be bursting in laughter as well if I was there, damn it looked hella fun! Gotta agree with the soldier too, Koko is a lucky girl to have such an understanding team to command, errr I mean KOKO WA RAKKII GARU w w w

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