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Errr oh man what am I doing here? In all fruitless attempts in the past my longest blogging experience lasted one month, ONLY one month.. So what to do if I suddenly got motivated to start aniblogging again yet I know I’m still too lazy to keep up writing posts? Maybe I should start by limiting my activity to one post per week, picking up the laziest day to write that post should help as well. I CAN DO IT! Oh wait, maybe that’s not the issue and it’s just me refusing to put any real effort into writing full posts. Knowing myself, that’s probably it. Eh, so what if I do NOT write posts? Better just drop the idea then.. Or heck, let me try anything that MIGHT work for me. Alright, a weekly post of..of..of….hmmm…. awesomest dokidoki inducing moments I had while watching anime in that particular week? Hey, that kinda sounds interesting! I think I’ll try that, and I don’t need to scratch my head much about what to say if I go with it right? *zomg imagining posts all about silly fangirling yay*

So here is the plan in short, weekly posts to be submitted on Fridays and should cover episodes airing from previous Friday to Thursday (noticed something? it’s only 1st week and I’m already past deadline lol). Each post will consist of favorite 5 moments I experienced in that week, the kind of stuff that let me go “this is why I love animu ffffyeah”. SPOILER ALERT of course. No further explanation needed I guess, so here we go:

5. Mouretsu Pirates 6:

“Who Told You We’re Playing Fair, Dumbass.”

I was just ready to get disappointed that Marika lost her 1st official swordfight as a pirate captain then.. “BANG!” …. Hey that’s dirt- Oh shit what a smart move! Now that I think about it, genuine pirates must have such tricks up their sleeves and it’s part of them being pirates to use them. I mean, just look at that proud pirate expression on Marika’s face! If only that was a real duel and not an act. DEMANDING MORE PIRACY ACTION SHOW IS CALLED MOURETSU PIRATES DAMMIT

4. Chihayafuru 19:

Kanade Going Full Delicate Mode Celebrating Her Victory

Among the three matches we had in this arc, I enjoyed the one between Tsutomu and Kanade the most. I’m kinda surprised by that considering how it’s the lowest ranked match, but interesting enough it also had the most logical tactics haha.. It couldn’t end a better way, I was like “yes she won! err did she fall asleep? no she’s not Chihaya.. oh could it be? Kanade awwww ;_;” and Tsutomu’s reaction to save the situation made this even better! I’m proud of you D-rank members, also congrats on moving on to the next level.

3. Guilty Crown 17:


Gai’s reappearance was the baddest thing happening in Guilty Crown, like, ever! Wait no, I mean his resurrection is sure an asspull but for a noble cause don’t you agree? He greets OH MA SHOE.. Whoosh! *hand flying* FFFFSHIT!! *power absorbed* EHHHH! Then Shu screaming “AAAARGH MY KING’S POWER!..” LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Now Gai honestly you’re 17-episode late in pulling what you did here but no complaints, it’s not your fault that GC writers themselves didn’t seem to ever consider the possibility of transferring power using such a simple method before lulz.

2. Natsume Yuujinchou Shi 7:

Afraid Tanuma Taking Natsume By Surprise..

Oh god this show, I was gonna be satisfied enough if Tanuma just apologized to Natsume for causing him more trouble than helping him and then both of them work the issue out. But no, their relationship became far closer than that and Tanuma suddenly decides to open up and reveal his weaknesses and fears to his friend.. “I’m happy that you trusted me so I don’t want you to regret getting too close to me” awwwww Tanuma ='( Also I’m so happy for you Natsume I know how much you treasure the kind bunch of people you’re surrounded with after all years of suffering alone before..

1. Nisemonogatari 6:

“I Will Help You Lesser Being Just To Fulfill My Tsundere-tic Desire.. Ka Ka”

We had so much Senjougahara goodness in this episode, but it was still the level of goodness you expect from your sweet-tsuntsun-Gahara-san you know. What had me all OMG!EXCITE though was the unexpected badass offer of help to Araragi from loli vampire Shinobu. So effing cool how bluntly she was saying “oh c’mon I can’t go out of character *wink* just order me to help so that I’m forced *wink wink* to obey you *wink* human shit!” OH AND ASDFGHJKL THAT BGM I WANT THAT BGM KUSOOOO


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