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5. Eureka Seven AO 4:

That Awkward Feel

When you praise someone for being such a nice person, and in the next moment you find out he/she was selling you out all along. Ao’s face is my face when that happened here, I would’ve even wanted to vomit the food they just fed me. Still, Ao did a pretty good job not saying a word after that. He just left the bowls on table and left. I believe silence sometimes has the ability to send heavier messages than screaming to your heart’s content. Silence was indeed very effective in this situation as it overburdened Ms. Two-Face with extreme frustration. So yeah, I had to bring it up here since I had emotional cramps myself watching this scene.

4. Lupin III: Mine Fujiko to iu Onna 5:

Dueling in Style

I had no previous exposure to Lupin III franchise before, so I ended up liking Jigen and Lupin most from their appearances in the past episodes. It was awesome to see them again, up against each others starring in one episode this time. That was like a double dose of awesome for our viewing pleasure. I tried but I couldn’t choose any particular moment to talk about, only because every line of witty dialogue they exchanged was so exciting to sit through! This could be an excuse for me to get away with it without failing miserably at explaining what an excellent episode of Lupin III this was, but must be a valid excuse nevertheless. :p

3. UN-GO 0 Inga-ron:

Paradoxical Truth

I think it’s a pain to talk about UN-GO because of how crammed with ideas it is. You can take a single scene and form a whole post out of it, and it might not make sense if you didn’t bring up other stuff from other scenes to link them together and make your point. Now despite what I just said, I think I’ll end up doing that here. If you had commited a crime, then you claimed that you have supernatural powers which, unless a person has contradictory evidence in his mind, make whatever you say becomes the truth. And so you accused another person of committing that crime. Then you ordered that the true criminal be shot down. Who will take the bullet then?……. I know how quite difficult it is to come up with the answer, and I’m not ready to spoil it for you. It’s really the biggest part of UN-GO’s charm solving these types of complicated mysteries in a way that makes perfect sense, only after messing up *so much* with your head.

2. Natsuiro Kiseki 5:

Every Minute Counts!

I have no choice but to adore Natsukise for how lighthearted it is. This episode had the simplest premise so far, and with that alone it was still able to amaze me in an unexpected way. It was when Natsumi, Saki, and Rinko were sitting on a bench worrying about not getting in contact with Yuka for days because of her cold. Just when they realized how precious every moment they spend together is, they immediately started running to the magical rock to wish for Yuka’s cure: “Let’s wish on the big rock that Yuka’s cold will go away!” “Every day she’s sick is less time we can spend together!” “And that’s a wasted time!”. For me, that wasn’t brilliant just because it fleshed out how really close to each others these four are, but also because it touched the subject of how important time is. Especially the time that you can spend with your special ones is irreplaceable. Now I admit being a maniac when it comes to time, I consider every minute of my life countable even miserable ones *lol* so I appreciated it when the girls went as far as seeking the supernatural to make better worth of just a few days of their summer time.

1. Sakamichi no Apollon 4:

Regrettable Prejudice

Well, it might be kind of extreme to go as far as crying when you regret something you said, but it’s so like Kaoru to do that haha! Just kidding here, I don’t think that’s what made Kaoru cry, it was actually how Sentarou replied to his unfair accusations with sincere kindness. Which is totally like Sentarou by the way! It was an overwhelming mixture of embarrassment and happiness among many other unsorted feelings, that can make anyone with a living heart cry. I liked the way Sentarou sighed that he said too much and stopped sharing more sad memories of himself, that kind of blunt honesty is also a part of what makes him such a charming individual. It was adorable how Kaoru immediately sorted out his feelings and started playing the organ with Sentarou afterward, it was well portrayed how they were pictured as their childhood selves practicing music together, and it was so touching. I know, I’m not planning to hide it, I was very terribly moved. ;-;

Readers DokiDoki Spring 12 Week 3:
“Kisamara! You feel no shame at all?!”

~Spring Season Watchlist~

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2. Eureka Seven AO

3. Fate/zero

4. Hunter X Hunter

5. Jormungand

6. Kuroko no Basuke

7. Lupin III: Mine Fujiko to iu Onna

8. Natsuiro Kiseki

9. Sakamichi no Apollon


11.Uchuu Kyoudai


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