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But hey don’t worry, my very few dedicated readers, I have good news in store for you. This actually won’t be the last you hear from me, I’m moving out to another well-established blog. If you already know about this deserted place, then you should probably be familiar with the name Desu ex Machina. That’s where I’ll be staying from now on! =D

I started voting for Anime Power Rankings there when it was formed last year, and I became a fan of the site ever since. I was kinda surprised when Kevo approached me and asked if I’m interested to be recruited, but I became filled with excitement as well! So yeah, you can still follow my writings there. And I’m willing to be more regular than I am here, which means you’ll get even more of what you liked from Vanikawa. *which by the way I’m still wondering about since most of you guys were silent stalkers lol*

Alright then, sayonara to Vanikawa Toppa..

And welcome to Desu ex Machina!


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