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I complained about this before, so I did some search to look for what all these abbreviations in Eureka Seven means (and ate a major spoiler in doing so but oh well). If I come across anything I missed, I’ll add that in the list as well. Hopefully, making sense of the dialogue will be less frustrating from now on:

Scub Coral: raw energy source

Trapar: Transparence Light Particle (clean energy source)

Compac Drive: ?amplifiers enabling humans to interact with machines?

LFO: Light Finding Operation (the name given for E7 mecha)

Nirvash: unique LFO (Nirvash TypeZERO shown above)

SOF: Special Operations Force

KLF: Kraft Light Fighter (military LFO)

Coralians: ??????

-Eureka Seven AO exclusives-

IFO: Intellligent Flying Objects (successors of LFO)

FP: Flying Platform

SDF: Special Defense Force = JAF: Japanese Armed Forces

Loploss: Low Orbit Strategic Locating Satellite

Triton: Air Assault Landing Ship

ZOA: Zone Out of Action

Scub Burst: a destructive phenomenon initiated by the Secret when it has available Scub Coral outcropping

Quartz: the center nucleus of a Scub Coral outcropping*

Coralians: G-Monsters = The Secret??

*By removing the Quartz, the Trapar waves in the surrounding area plummet and the Secret that is seeking out the Scub Coral to initiate a Scub Burst will disappear. It is one of Team Pied Piper’s missions to collect Quartzes. (Source: wikipedia)


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