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I know I will regret not writing about Yahiro going like “FFFF OMG TWEEST IS OH MA SHOE BECOMING NEW JESUS?!!” someday so there at least I said it here haha! Alright, then:

5. Nisemonogatari 11

Something Oshino would never say?

…..”Sayounara”. Yeah, that one line left the biggest impression on me. That also might be what I needed to hear since the end of Bakemonogatari. Actually I loved the whole twist with Kaiki-tachi the most, and his philosophy was really intriguing to think about and analyze. But seeing how the dialogue in monogatari series always tries its hardest to be complicated, I guess simplicity won me over here.

4. Chihayafuru 24

The Chubby Queen.

I.WAS.SHOCK. Also, it was really amusing how seriously Shinobu’s weight-gain was taken in the context of this episode, and I’m sure no one ever saw the whole issue coming haha!

3. Another 11

“desu kara……. KOROSUUUUUUUU!!”

And then hilarity happened lololol. This episode has taken the “JUST WTF LOL” treat to a whole new FFFFFFFF level, and dammit how much I LOVED THAT!!!!!!1!

2. Natsume Yuujinchou Shi 12

“But, I was a kid, too.”

I’m not exactly sure why, but I couldn’t hold my tears when she said that. It might be things I experienced myself in the past, and this felt like the perfect excuse that you could never use back then, and that’s also because it’s too late to admit it when you realize all the horrible deeds you were doing shamelessly. She was jealous as a kid and she regrets it now, but it still hurts when she realizes nothing can undo the past. Wahh I can so relate to that. ='(

1. Inu X Boku SS 11

*sobs* overload of Mekitsukami monologue goodness *sobs*

Oh man, that was exactly what I’ve been wishing for since the first time Miketsukami opened up a bit to Ririchiyo, but I didn’t think we’d be taking it all in one shot! And on top of it that emotional climax at the end. AND ME COMPLETELY SOLD.


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It’s all about laughs *and ice-cream :p* this week:

5. Hunter X Hunter 21:

Pedo face sending chills down my spine..

Molesting Hisoka is nothing new I know, but eh that was still damn creepy! If the look on Hisoka’s face tells us one thing, it would be that we don’t want to ever know what the heck is going on inside his head, except errrrr, maybe fellow pedophiles. Also, I have to feel sorry for kids watching HxH, I mean isn’t this *brrrrrr* a bit too much for them to take?

4. Inu X Boku SS 9:

Game Rules: “speak in a confrontational manner.”

Karuta: “Confrontational?” Watanuki: “Umm, talking badly to each others” Karuta: “ja, Watanuki no.. baka.. if you don’t eat ice-cream with me, kirai” AND THEN KUSOOOO DOKI DOKI SHITERU YO ❤ ❤ ❤

3. Another 9:


“JUST WTF LOL” describes my reaction best as I was watching this. And how else could I possibly react? First I cracked up laughing as lightning stroke the poor kid. And then, even before I had time to recover, clumsy falling-girl delivered ANAZAA blow. And knocked me down.. so yeah “JUST WTF LOL”. Another might have failed horribly as a horror by now, but it certainly doing a good job as a comedy haha!

2. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou 9:

Hidenori sets an example of how a real bro would act like!

First, I’m glad that Nichibros finally shone light on the overused dropkick punchlines *that were never fun to start with pffff* in this episode. And to conclude the skit with an original dropkick scenario that IS ACTUALLY FUN, now that’s brilliant! So about that, no, manly tears, hugs, and hand-holding is not gay.. it’s the bro thing to do lol.

1. Natsume Yuujinchou Shi 10:

Drooling Nyanko-sensei MOEEEEEEEE *nosebleed*

Yeah that’s right, Nyanko-sensei drooling over mighty-looking Youkai as if he was craving the most delicious scoop of ice-cream was the most HHNNNNNNGG-inducing moment I had all week. :3

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