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But hey don’t worry, my very few dedicated readers, I have good news in store for you. This actually won’t be the last you hear from me, I’m moving out to another well-established blog. If you already know about this deserted place, then you should probably be familiar with the name Desu ex Machina. That’s where I’ll be staying from now on! =D

I started voting for Anime Power Rankings there when it was formed last year, and I became a fan of the site ever since. I was kinda surprised when Kevo approached me and asked if I’m interested to be recruited, but I became filled with excitement as well! So yeah, you can still follow my writings there. And I’m willing to be more regular than I am here, which means you’ll get even more of what you liked from Vanikawa. *which by the way I’m still wondering about since most of you guys were silent stalkers lol*

Alright then, sayonara to Vanikawa Toppa..

And welcome to Desu ex Machina!


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Oh well.. I saw this day coming but I didn’t expect to be this soon haha. Life got busier and I feel more responsible out of the sudden. So I had to give up some things. I loved this “too short” episodic blogging experience, but it was taking a good chunk of my time, time I need now more than ever before. This doesn’t mean I’ll stop blogging, but I’ll probably focus on writing full anime reviews from now on. It’s still a nice way to record my past *ahem.. I mean future* experience without giving up too much time.

(yup you guessed right.. Vanikawa is obsessed with time no doubts XP)

So yeah.. For those who care, I’m still gonna share the fun times I have with anime, just not as much as before. =)

p.s. I love you.. M&Z ❤

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