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In the list of anime I’ve been watching for the past years, one can tell how Heartcatch Precure stands in some ways. It is a Mahou Shoujo series. It uses the episodic plot format. It is more or less a show made for kids in the end. These all are reasons that would naturally keep me away from considering an anime in first place not alone following it. So what got me interested here?

Other than nostalgia (Cardcaptor Sakura -an older Mahou Shoujo- being the first anime I watch in Japanese as a kid!), I think it was the visuals and animation that got me. Just this screen cap above tells you how colorful Heartcatch Precure can be. I can’t deny how much I was amazed by the first transformation scene in the show and how well it was produced. Things were moving really cool from first episode as well. Tsubomi and Erika are characters one can get attached to from first impression, then they were a perfect fit as a Majokko duo. Not just them actually. Characters, whether good or evil, main or supporting, all are very well built up and their development might be the truest strength of Heartcatch Precure. It’s funny how I couldn’t help myself but cheer for the bad guys sometimes! That’s how cool (or ignorant! or whatever!) they are. I give my applause for the Desert Apostles, from Snackeys to the 3 Messengers to Dark Precure to their Leaders. You were all  awesome!

Also, the catchy music and flashy setting helped bringing the best out of the show. Even though a little too much repeated and a bit time depleting, I didn’t really notice myself getting bored with the transformations or the special moves of the Pretty Cures. If nothing else, it was like the weekly dose of tasty eye candy I kept craving. The animation work is particularly awesome in these scenes, and again Heartcatch Precure as a whole had a lot energetic battle scenes I immensely enjoyed.

I am not a fan of episodic plot format, and that is the usual format of most Majokko shows. I didn’t care one bit about that in Heartcatch Precure, basically due to the consistent quality of plot materials it had in store. I was thoroughly delighted. Then I really liked the plot turning points and  finally fell in love with the final arc. Impressive experience as a whole, and a satisfactory conclusion at the end of the road.

It’s a shame that I know very few pay attention to shows like Heartcatch Precure. I was wondering how I liked it myself at first. But the magic also lies in the simplicity it has. The youngest in the family would enjoy it but that doesn’t keep the oldest from grasping its wisdom as well. Heartcatch Precure speaks of hopes and dreams, things we all long for no doubt.


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