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I was planning to have a break from DokiDoki this week since it’s the start of new season and I’m busy hunting for shows, I mean I rather focus on one thing with a clear mindset than force myself to do everything in a rush. Luckily for me, You Are Umasou movie came out this week and I was already so hyped for it since long ago, so writing about it was the natural decision I came up with even before watching. And oh man, did it not turn out just brilliant! I loved every-bit-of-it I don’t know where to start nor where to end speaking in this little review here, so I think I’ll just say whatever comes to mind and then hope that the formed scramble will convince anyone to pick up You Are Umasou and see how good it is for themselves.

The story begins with a herbivorous dinosaur mother saving an egg of T.rex baby from doom. I won’t say any more than that to avoid spoiling any part of the fun. That’s all what you need to know for now, and even if you didn’t get interested in the OMG!KIDDY!PREMISE and secretly wished for some kind of DINO!BEASTLY!GORE I highly recommend giving You Are Umasou a chance to prove itself despite all that.

It is a movie aimed for kids, but that’s by no means a reason to hold adults *anyone* from enjoying it as well. Actually, I dare say that the best of movies are the ones aimed for all ages and succeed in sending various messages and lessons in relation to who is watching these flicks. Making a work that harbors different levels of enjoyment and appreciation is obviously a difficult task, and You Are Umasou did an exceptionally great job with that!

If I had to praise one thing about this movie I would definitely pick the characterization of its cast, it’s amazing how it took You Are Umasou only 1 and half hours to create a whole *rather large* set of memorable characters each with distinctive personality of theirs. And how each one of them develop their strengths and flaws during showtime. Another plus is that no one is inherently evil. Seriously, it’s rare to find stories without THEM EVIL figures and usually these turn out special in more ways, Omae Umasou is one of the excellent examples of how brilliant that can be.

Gotta love the “references?” to The Lion King that I could point out *or lol I might be reading too much into things*. A rather obvious one is the scar on Baku’s face, and Omae Umasou goes even further than just adding measures for badass character design by constructing a relevant backstory behind that.

I am overwhelmingly delighted by how Omae Umasou turned out, I find it hard to explain what an awesome experience it was. A measurement I like to use to tell how good is anything to me is by sensing how much I feel attached when I think about it, but lol subjective self-centered judgement. Then again, who believes in the fantasy of objective opinions bwahahaha! Omae Umasou is a movie made for kids which was able to refresh the fading rainbows of my mind, and re-broadened  my ideas about life. It also had me lose some tears in the process. Attachment for any form of entertainment hardly gets deeper than that, right? Then that should classify Omae Umasou as an exceptional quality entertainment. Wah I can’t wait for the family to gather so that I can get them to sit and rewatch Umasou with all of them again!


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